Chizzle’s Favourite Show Photos of 2012

eat.   sleep.   create.   repeat.

Originally, I had planned to post this up on the 1st, but I’ve been pondering over this for the last week up until now; Going back through show photos is time consuming with all the reflecting and what-not. Even though I wish I could put every show I’ve done in 2012 here, I’ve narrowed it down to some of my absolute favourites. I’ve been lucky enough to have not only witnessed these performances but I’ve gotten to photograph some of my all-time favourite artists and even idols this year. After pulling photos that caught my attention, these are the ones I’ve come up with that meant something to me (each with their own reasons). However, I have tons of favourites still stashed away.

Masta Ace | Ritual Nightclub

Masta Ace is one of the most honest artists I’ve ever met, hands down. Also, knowing he’s influenced your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper makes him a legend in his own right. Interviewing him was an experience; Even after the cameras went off, we sat to listen to some amazing stories that I’ll never forget and never retell. This is my favourite photo simply because of the energy it portrays (he was such high energy, it was tough to get a still photo of him), plus I love the green and purple lighting together.


Afrika Bambaataa | Ritual Nightclub

Afrika Bambaataa happened recently, but it’s still one of my favourites from 2012. I mean, there’s really no other explanation why, other than “it’s Afrika Bambaataa”. His set was one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to and the crowd showed nothing but love. Even having the opportunity to shake this man’s hand is enough to call this one of my favourite shows of the year.


Rakim | Ritual Nightclub

Literally, I’ve talked this show to death. This show happened in May and I feel like I’m still buzzing off of it. His set made me feel like a teenager in the 90s, watching Rakim as a young cat for the first time; Classic. There’s so much I can say about my experience of meeting him, he’s the humblest person (period) that I’ve ever met. I was starstruck and I could have listened to him speak all night. The love that he showed us in return was enough to float me into 2013.


Yelawolf | Ritual Nightclub

This show was the most INTENSE show I’ve been to in all of 2012. I officially heard Yelawolf on the Shady 2.0 cypher (I was a little late on the bandwagon) and I instantly loved him. Basically I went to this show blindly and came out a fan. It was more than a hip-hop show; Being so influenced by rock music, Yelawolf gave us a taste of everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Metallica. Whaaaat? I was sincerely moved by how great of a performer he is and I’d see him over and over again without question.


Curren$y | Ritual Nightclub

This show made me laugh (in a good way). Curren$y is such a crazy feel-good artist that you can’t help but smile during his set. He was all over the place, rocking to his own music, and just feeling good about life (Jet life, that is). Even though this photo is without his face, it’s still one of my favourites because of his hoodie and what it says (“Lead never follow”). Honestly, the energy and vibe of the show inspired me.


A$ap Rocky | Bluesfest

As a super A$ap Rocky fan, this choice was a difficult one for me. I love every photo I shot of him that day, but I managed to narrow it down to this one. Why this one? Because he’s looking right at me and that’s all I can really say about it. After missing Rocky’s show at Ritual Nightclub, I was ecstatic that he came back for Bluesfest; I loved his performance and I’m looking forward to him coming back in 2013 (hopefully).


Lauryn Hill | Bluesfest

Getting to photograph a diva like Lauryn Hill doesn’t come around very often, so I was stoked to have the opportunity to photograph her. Even though she was super late (like most diva’s are), I thought her set was great. The photo pit was crammed with people who just wanted one shot, so I’m thankful for this one. Lauryn Hill is a true beauty and her voice can still send chills.


Snoop Dogg | Bluesfest

Even if you aren’t a hip-hop fan, you know who this guy is. This set was the first one of Bluesfest that actually made me excited to the point that I was nervous. Thanks to some amazing people in the photo pit, I was able to shoot from one of the stage amps, putting me LITERALLY 2 feet in front of Snoop Dogg himself. All I can say is that it was perfect. I do wish he had done a few more old school songs, but it was perfect for the simple fact that it was him. Not to mention how icy he looked, sporting a ring that says “Snoop Dogg” in diamonds covering almost his whole hand. I just wanted to hug him.

Madchild | Ritual Nightclub

One of the biggest connections I’ve made this year would be with this guy: Mad Child. After meeting him in Newfoundland to meeting him 3 times in Ottawa, then interviewing him, I’m proud to call him a homie now. Another one of the nicest artists I’ve ever met and he never fails to make me laugh. I’ve always loved how intense his sets are and how connected he gets with his audience. If you haven’t been to a Madchild show yet, put that on your to-do list.

Tech N9ne | Ritual Nightclub

If anyone asked me to name the creepiest show I’ve ever been to (other than Necro at Babylon in ’08) it would be this one. Tech N9ne is the true king of darkness and in a club packed with juggalo’s, his shows pack a little extra shudder factor. All that aside, his set was wickedly amazing (rapping along to an entire verse from “Who Do I Catch” to him was pretty great too). Chilling with him prior to the show made it that much more special; Sincere, energetic, and a pleasure to have a conversation with.


French Montana | Barrymore’s Nightclub

Although I’m not typically a French Montana fan, this show had potential to be fun (that is, if people learned to not fight each other). Regardless, for the most part, his set was pretty great. Most of all, I love this photo for the lighting alone (and for the fact that he’s sporting Ottawa’s Oxyrotin clothing).