Chizzle’s Favourite Show Photos of 2013

eat.   sleep.   create.   repeat.

I wasn’t going to do this. However, 11 days into the new year I started reminiscing on some of my “old” photos and last year’s favourite’s post, I actually longed to do it again. So, here it is! I didn’t rack up tons of shows the way I did in 2012, but the ones I did do were incredibly significant for me. It’s quality over quantity, right?


Waka Flocka @ Ritual Nightclub
Walking into a Waka Flocka show, I didn’t expect to enjoy it, let alone be wow’d (Not by the music, but by the performance). Because, if I’m being honest, he’s just not my style of hip hop. Based of pure energy and fan appreciation, this show made it into my top faves of the year. However, this picture in itself was what made it to this post. It’s a summary of the entire night in one photograph and I love it.

Flogging Molly @ Bluesfest
When it comes to concert photography, my focus is usually geared toward hip hop, so a photo of Flogging Molly might come as a shock to some. I felt super Irish and super bad ass that night; Dave King has a way of pulling you into his shenanigans (I can’t believe I just used that word). Flogging Molly brought me back to those crazy Newfie kitchen parties that I remember when I was young, just with a little more punk and a lot more weed. What could be more perfect than a crazy Celtic punk singer lifting up his Guinness like the can is Simba and he’s Rafiki?


Wu-Tang @ Bluesfest
Being one of the most legendary shows of the year (actually, of most years), I obviously had to include Wu-Tang. With the exception of a few members, this was the first– and probably last– time that I’ve seen all of them on stage together. Since I’ve seen Ghostface and Raekwon multiple times before and although equally amazing, Method Man was the highlight of this show for me. The way he carries his charismatic (and hilarious) personality so effortlessly, it was difficult to take my camera off of him. I couldn’t choose just one photo for this show, I mean, how could I? So here’s a nice Wu-Collage of my favourites from the show.

Mariana’s Trench @ Bluesfest
Again, being predominantly focused on hip hop, people may be shocked by this photo of Mariana’s Trench. Second to Wu-Tang, this had to be one of my favourite shows of the year. Judge all you want, but Josh Ramsay is an incredible singer and I’m a sucker for his theatrics. From the second he came out in a giant jack-in-the-box, I was impressed by his performance. Being so animated, I was able to get some amazing action shots of he and his band– I love animated performances!


Solange @ Bluesfest
Solange was exactly how I imagined she would be– sweet and mellow. Her performance, although plagued with technical difficulties, was a memorable one for me. Although I don’t remember any of her words, I remember her melody and how soothing her voice was to me. My favourite part of the show wasn’t in the performance, however, it was in this one photo. The lighting was not the best with the sun shining directly on her, but it worked in my favour for this one. She’s simply angelic and this photo is a perfect embodiment of that.


Drake @ Canadian Tire Centre
Call me crazy, but photographing Drake has been a goal of mine for the past few years and I finally achieved that goal in 2013. This show was the absolute highlight of my year for a couple of different reasons: 1) I’m a huge fan of this guy and 2) it was my first stadium show (I’ve only ever shot in clubs and outdoor festivals). I can’t really say much more than I’ve already said about this show, I’ve exhausted all my fangirl words like “It was amazing!” and “I’ll never forget it!”. Every year has a defining show for me: 2011 was Erykah Badu, 2012 was Snoop Dogg, and now 2013 is Drake.

Miguel @ Canadian Tire Centre
Miguel was incredible with his vocals, entertaining with his performance, and smooth in his demeanour. There’s not much I can say about this guy without sounding like I need a drink of water. He was everything I expected him to be. At one point in the show, he spilled a personal story about his parents, “painting our lives as we choose”, and “having passion for what we do”, which left me inspired. I love when a show leaves me with feeling inspired.

Riff Raff @ Ritual Nightclub
Okay, before you say anything, hear me out. This show made it into my top NOT because of the artist or the performance, but simply because it was memorable. If you know of Riff Raff, you know of the sheer ridiculousness that ensued during this show. Although I feel like I should have brought earplugs to spare myself from the music, the entertainment was not bad. I can appreciate a show that can entertain me and make me see things I’ve never seen before. It’s okay though, I heard Riff was planning to make a more serious album this time around *snort*.