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All project deliverables and requirements will be discussed, agreed upon, and documented prior to the start of every project. Once signed off by the client, I will complete these deliverables within the discussed timeframe (see Timeframes and Deadlines below). Deliverables that have not been discussed initially will be added to the initial cost at an hourly rate or a discussed fixed rate that is agreed upon between the client and myself (see Changes and Revisions below).

Rates and Payment

I work with most budgets and I am flexible on payment schedules. I offer three types of rates to every client and they have the flexibility to choose which suits them best.

Flat rate: Agreed upon between the client and myself. This rate will encompass an entire project with a set timeframe. Typically for larger projects. Payment: 50% up front (100% up front for smaller projects $500 and under), the rest upon completion of project. Deposit fee is non-refundable unless I cannot complete the project for any reason that is within my control

Hourly rate: Used for shorter tasks, fixes, and maintenance of existing projects. This rate is non-negotiable at $50 CAD per hour. An estimate of the number of hours to complete a task for this rate will be provided to the client and agreed upon before beginning work. Payment: A $50 retainer fee, equal to one hour of work, is required before starting the project. The rest after task is completed. Or, should the client should the client choose, a full payment can be made up front.

Weekly: Agreed upon between the client and myself. This rate will be a flat rate at a weekly basis. Typically for shorter projects or projects that need a more flexible start and end date. Payment: All weekly projects will start on Mondays with each payment made the following Friday. For urgent projects and tasks, see my hourly rate above.

Timeframes and Deadlines

Start dates and deadlines will be agreed upon prior to the start of every project and/or task. Due to having multiple clients, dates and times must be explicitly stated in order to prioritize projects in an efficient manner.

Projects and tasks that exceed the deadline outside of my control will be subject to hourly or weekly rates, or a flat rate discussed between the client and myself.

Projects that are deemed completed and then restarted at a later date with new deliverables will be subject to a restart fee. This fee can also be discussed between the client and myself.

Business Hours and Availability

While I am frequently flexible on my hours, my flexibility is determined by ongoing projects and prior engagements. My official hours for contact are as follows:

These hours do not include time that I put aside to complete client projects. I will prioritize tasks outside of business hours based on my availability and level of urgency. I am reachable for emergencies and will always do my best to prioritize any emergencies to the top of my list.

Changes and Revisions

The price at the beginning of every project is based on the time investment estimate that is needed to accomplish everything you, the client, wishes to achieve. I’m happy to be flexible and your project and satisfaction is a priority for me.

In order to keep every project’s timeline running efficiently and on time and major, multiple revisions will be limited for each project. If you want to change our arrangement or add anything new that drastically changes the project, I’ll provide a separate estimate for that.


Limitation of liability: In no event will myself or you, the client, be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, loss of data, profits or revenue, cost of capital, or downtime costs. I cannot be liable to any third-party damages. If any provision of this contract shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Independent Contractor: The relationship between the client and myself will be that of “independent contractor” which means that I cannot be classified as the client’s employee, worker, agent, or partner.

Copyright: Client will own the copyright for all material created under this agreement, after full payment has been made. I can showcase sample works from a project as portfolio pieces with consent and approval from the client.

Termination of Contract

Either party has the right to terminate this agreement at any point.

  1. Upon termination of any project or work given by the client, I will immediately provide the client with any and all work in progress or completed prior to the termination date
  2. The client’s sole obligation to me, regarding termination, is that client will pay an equitable amount as determined by the client for the partially completed work in progress and the agreed to price for the completed deliverables provided and accepted prior to the date of termination.
  3. Upon termination or expiration of this contract or a project performed by me, whichever occurs first, I will promptly return to client all materials provided by under this Contract and all confidential information provided.

The undersigned agree to and accept the terms of this agreement as of the effective date

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